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Dramatherapy - Anna Szymanowska

Clients about dramatherapy

"Dramatherapy is very important to me. During these sessions I learned to look into my soul. I am learning to express feelings and accept myself. During these sessions I felt that I am important even for myself."

"Each part of this hour was different and at the same time understandable to me. A bad feeling or a bad mood have disappeared somewhere during the sessions and it remained that way for the rest of the day."

"I met with dramatherapy for the first time and I am very happy, that I could participate in it. It brought up in me such layers of emotions and feelings that never revealed themselves earlier in another type of therapy."

"Due to dramatherapy I uncovered many feelings and emotions. I liked this form of this therapy a lot, which will long remain in my memory. I was very pleased that thanks to the roles I played I could change a lot in my personality."