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Dramatherapy - Anna Szymanowska


I cooperate with private clinic "Centrum Psychoprofilaktyki i Terapii Psychomedica" - www.psychomedica.pl.

We offer:

  • ndividual and group therapy
  • psychological help in solving wide range of problems, such as:
    • depression,
    • eating disorders,
    • anxiety,
    • domestic violence,
    • personality disorders,
    • feeling of being lost, senselessness of existence, loneliness, isolation and bereavement.
  • we offer a wide range of diagnostics based on projective techniques for children with emotional behavioural problems
  • we also recommend workshops in Introduction to Dramatherapy at the creative-expressive level.

We assure confidentiality and our approach is emphatic, person- centred, and unconditional, positive regards towards the patient.
All those who would like to embark on a internal journey we invite to first two sessions, which will help to asses the sources of problems and directions of therapy.